TODO Hose Swivels, Aviation Couplings and Fuel Noz

TODO Hose Swivels, Aviation Couplings and Fuel Noz

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Developed originally as part of the TODOMATIC® coupling construction, then subsequently as a stand alone product, the TODO® swivel has proved itself in the toughest applications for over 20 years.

Used mainly to allow free hose movement without imparting torque stresses to the assembly, one of the biggest causes of premature hose failure. Simple design, low maintenance


  • Very compact
  • High flow rate / low pressure drop
  • Full range of sizes, materials and connections
  • Stainless steel bearings and single o-ring seal for reliability

Specialist Aviation Couplings & Fuel Nozzles

The TODO® fuel delivery nozzles are specifically designed to deliver high volumes with total security.

Robust cast aluminium alloy body, high strength swivel and robust handle all help this nozzle to offer reliable long term performance.

A special version of the TODO-MATIC® 2 1/2″ coupling available for connection to ground units conforming to standard ISO 45.

This gives, for the first time, an economical alternative to ISO 45 standard hose couplers for aviation fuel transfers. This TODO-MATIC® coupler is not configured for under-wing refuelling.

All TODO-MATIC® couplings are available in aviation fuel transfer specifications.

Compatible to ISO 45, MS24484, STANAG 3105 and British Aerospace Spec. 2C14.

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