TODO GAS Couplings

TODO GAS Couplings

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TODO-GAS® couplings are specifically designed for the safe transfer of LPG (typically Propane / Butane) in both liquid and vapour phases. The materials of construction and component design are specified to recognise the unique properties of LPG and terminal handling characteristics.

Ultra low release on disconnection not only improves safety but also satisfies even the most stringent of environmental standards.

Typical emission reduction is greater than 99% compared to existing thread based couplings Just like their TODO-MATIC® stable mates,

TODO-GAS® couplings remove the human error element from LPG transfer operations by ensuring that the valves are closed before disconnection is possible.


  • Lowest emission volumes on disconnection.
    • Ensures current and future environmental standards compliance.
  • No liquid release on disconnection.
    • Removes the possibility of operator cold burns and reduces product loss to virtually zero.
  • Valves are closed and sealed before disconnection is permitted.
    • Increased safety by removing the possibility of human error.
  • Valves open and close automatically.
    • No levers or handles to operate.
  • Rapid connection and disconnection.
    • Saves time and simplifies operating procedures.
  • Highest quality design and construction.
    •      Conforms to all relevant standards including P.E.D. class II where applicable.
  • Integral swivel.
    •           Allows free coupling movement without imparting torque strain to the hose.

We are also able to offer a specialist range of Engineered Dry Breaks for such rigourous applications as LNG transfer, requiring hi spec materials. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

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