TODO Breakaway Couplings – New Style

TODO Breakaway Couplings – New Style

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TODO® Safety Break Away couplings are designed to eliminate spillage and damage associated with driveaway or pull-away incidents.

The consequences of such incidents can be very serious without breakaway protection and occur more frequently than you would think, with the effectiveness of alternative protection systems often compromised by human error.

Measures such as brake interlocks, barriers and even removing the keys from a tanker driver can all be defeated, either intentionally or otherwise. The TODO® Safety Break Away coupling system removes the element of human error in this area of product transfer.

The TODO® Safety Break Away coupling uses a double valve arrangement that ensures closure of both halves before the main seal releases to atmosphere. The coupling reacts if the hose or the loading arm has an excessive load applied and closes both valve halves automatically at the time of disconnection. They provide exceptionally high flow rate / low pressure drop.

Main Features

  • Valves in both halves close automatically before the main fluid seal releases to atmosphere.
  • Ultra compact design.
  • Simple and safe design with minimal number of components.
  • Operates independently of shut off safety systems and does not require an external power source.
  • Installation recommended so that pulling forces are purpendicular
  • Easy to handle. No need to remove the coupling for re-setting or maintenance
  • Standard size range 2″ to 4″ and up to 40 Bar pressure

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