The system can be integrated into most plastic or metal drums and IBC’s with the appropriate 2″BSP, 56×4 mm or 2.5″ x 5 Buttress internal thread. The attachment of the dry break coupler enables quick and safe transfer of hazardous products from drum to dispense equipment.

The Drum Valve system offers the following benefits:

  • Closed filling and dry break emptying with less than 1ml residue
  • Enhanced worker safety
  • Improved product integrity and quality
  • Range of seal materials for wide chemical compatibility
  • Available to suit a wide range of containers
  • Fully replaceable seal system

Listed below with links to the appropriate pages are the various components:

Where the drums are only used for a single trip and a plastic system is the material of choice due to chemical compatibility or economy, the Micromatic EPV system could be your solution.