Drum Valve Dip Tubes

Drum Valve Dip Tubes

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Product Summary

Cross-linked Polyolefin Dip Tubes with stainless steel split ring to suit a wide variety of containers.

The ‘new age” polymer used in the construction of this tube is suitable for a wide variety of chemicals, however it should be checked for suitability for any new or non-standard application.

The foot-assembly is ultrasonically welded to the tube over its full circumference to provide a fluid tight seal, with an outer sheath to guide and protect the bellows. Each of the bellows, tube and sheath are produced from the same proprietary base material.

The unit is designed to perform equally well with both hydrocarbon based solvents and water based chemicals commonly used in the agchemical and general chemical markets, with excellent chemical and environmental stress crack resistance. In terms of its broad chemical resistance it performs in a very similar manner to HDPE, the base material of most common industrial chemical containers.

The color of the tube and it’s components may vary from time to time, with the black being the standard default colour. Regardless of the colour, the propeties remain the same.

Tube Options

The design of the dip tube is such that cut to the correct length for the container in question, the bellows style “foot” allows almost all product to be pumped from the container.

Standard lengths available:

743-200-615 615mm long to suit 60 Litre “Envirodrum”
743-200-770 770mm long to suit 110 Litre “Envirodrum” and similar sized containers, including a 205 Litre steel or plastic drum*
743-200-980 980mm long to suit 1,000 litre standard Schutz IBC’s

* Tubes can be easily trimmed to suit these or other containers.

Other lengths available to special order


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