Micromatic RPV Plastic Drum Valve

Micromatic RPV Plastic Drum Valve

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Plastic Drum Valve Options

Available with standard Viton Seals, or optionally with EPDM, Aflas or FKM-HiPer Seals. Body  constructed in Glass Filled Nylon featuring: 

  • Cross bars and secure ring to maximize rigidity and strength
  • Tapered spring for precise and consistent closure

3-Pin Valve configuration for Herbicides, AdBlue and selected Industrial Chemicals

Part No           Connection                   Seals

743-683           2.5”  x 5 Buttress           Viton


4-Pin Valve configuration for Insecticides, Fungicides, suitable Liquid Fertilizers and   selected Industrial Chemicals  

743-681           2.5”  x 5 Buttress            Viton

Other combinations available to special request, including valves with 56 x 4 Buttress Threads


Typical drum thread compatibility:

  • 2.5 x 5 Buttress 60 and 110L Envirodrums, Nylex 100L  Agreturn and 500L IBC, 200L Mauser special, Maxi 100L and others
  • 56 x 4 Buttress Selected 200 Litre Mauser – to order


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