Micromatic Drum Valve Options

Micromatic Drum Valve Options

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Product Summary

The Micromatic Drum Valve, an industry standard for liquid transfer in many important world markets, most notably Agchemicals. The 2.5 ” x 5 design features replaceable seals, four tamper evident eyelet fittings and Grade 304 stainless steel body and components. In addition it offers:

  • The safety and security of closed system filling and dispensing
  • More than 25 years of proven performance in the Australian market

Common configurations – Stainless Steel Body – (Selected options available with GFN Plastic Body: see separate page)

3-Pin for Herbicides and selected Industrial chemicals

Part No. Connection Seals
743-007 2″ BSP EPDM
743-008 2″ BSP Viton
743-046 56 x 4 Buttress EPDM
743-047 56 x 4 Buttress Viton
743-087 2.5″ Buttress Viton
743-125 70 x 6 Buttress Viton
743-126 70 x 6 Buttress  EPDM

4 Pin for Insecticides and selected Liquid Fertilizers, Oils and Industrial chemicals

743-016 2″ BSP Viton
743-096 2.5″ Buttress Viton

Available with Viton, EPDM and Aflas or FKM- HiPer Seals to special order.

Connections and Container types

As a guide, the following are commonly found connections to the listed container*:

2.5″ Buttress

60, 100, 110 Litre “plastic” Envirodrum or similar, selected 200 Litre Mauser Plastic Drums, 500 Litre Nylex IBC

2″ BSP

Steel 60 and 205 Litre Drums and 1,000 Litre IBC’s

56 x 4 Buttress

200 Litre Mauser Plastic Drums

70 x 6 Buttress

120 and 200 Litre Schutz and other specialist European drums

* If in doubt please double check the connection as this list of containers may have alternative connections depending on the source.


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