TODO Ball Valves & PT Caps

TODO Ball Valves & PT Caps

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BALL VALVES – One and Two way

This lightweight aluminium valve offers obvious weight saving benefits for the road tanker industry but is also used in a variety of plant applications. Available in both one-way and two way designs, the latter with 3 ports: one inlet and two outlets, enabling flow to be directed to either of the two outlets,

A wide selection of end connectors are available and valve changeover is rapid due to the simple sandwich design.

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The TODO® Safety Pressure Tight Cap was designed as a sealing cap system that would reduce pressure behind the cap if all other upstream closures had failed, thus protecting the operator from harm.

The cap system also alerts the operator to the existence of pressure behind the cap thus giving warning of potential upstream valve failure.

The TODO® Safety Pressure Tight Cap is certified as a full first or primary closure when used in combination with TODO-MATIC® or TODO-GAS® couplings. It can also be custom sealed to prevent unauthorized operation. There simply is no other coupling and cap system available with such a high level of passive safety features.

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