RMC Auto Safety Hatch

ITS is very pleased to announce it's appointment as Australian Distributor for the range of RMC Automated, remote safety hatches and re-surfacing tools. Installed on Dry Bulk tankers, the auto-lid system allows workers to fully operate tanker top hatches from the safety of the ground: thereby eliminating what has traditionally been the high risk practice of climbing on top of the tanker whenever loading or unloading access was required.

The RMC hatch is a well proven product which has steadily built to a position of market leadership in North America since it's release there in 2003. Characterised by its ease of installation and unique long life seal design, the hatch has the potential to greatly assist local industry in it's ongoing objectives to eliminate risks and improve loading speed and efficiency.

BREAKING NEWS: The RMC Remote Auto Hatch Lid has now been granted it's Certificate of Conformity to confirm it's compliance with the relevant requirements of Australian Standard AS1210-2010

The addition of the RMC Hatch to ITS range further bolsters its Dry Bulk offerings in combination with the existing Solimar Fluidizer and hatch products.