NEXTEC – The Intelligent, Continuously Rated Fuel Transfer Pump from Fill-Rite

Fill-Rite Fuel Transfer Pump – NX3200 Series – 12 to 24 VDC nextec Intelligence™ is an exclusive array of design advancements, technologies and user functionalities that takes pump performance to unprecedented levels. Intelligent Tones™ inform when attention is needed. A variable speed motor automatically adjusts for peak performance with improved suction lift. More compact, lighter, and less … Read more

NEW Fill-Rite Turbine Meters

Tuthill and ITS are pleased to announce a game-changer in the in-line meter market. Our ALL NEW, 100% made in the USA, digital in-line meter is now ready to order. Three models in all, one each for fuels, bio-fuels and DEF/Chemicals are now available. These new digital meters have many advantages over competing brands in … Read more

MicroMatic PRO-BLEND Closed Mixing System

A common challenge faced by Agchemical, seed treatment and Fertilizer manufacturers, distributors, applicators and end-users alike is the settling out of solids in suspension during storage, particularly so with bulk containers and often to the point of products almost becoming unusable when left on the farm or warehouse floor for extended periods. To date the … Read more

Micromatic Plastic Drum Valve

ITS is pleased to announce the addition of the plastic RPV “Drum Valve” to it’s range. Designed to compliment its long established and widely used Stainless Steel Drum Valves, the plastic valve might be your choice where the drum is being used for a one-way, single trip application or where economy might be the driving … Read more

ITS at ITTES 2014

ITS will again be participating in Australia’s International Truck Trailer and Equipment Show at the next event, ITTES 2014 from April 3rd – 6th at Melbourne’s Showgrounds. Regarded as the largest dedicated road transport show in the southern hemisphere, ITTES 2014 will see ITS exhibiting it’s range of transport related products, including TODO and Emco Wheaton Dry … Read more

Sotera Agchem Dispensing Pumps & Flowmeters

Advertised in the Jan-Feb issue of “Australian Grain” is our class-leading Sotera “Chemtraveller” Agchemical dispensing pump. With the highest flow capacity in it’s class, the Sotera 12 volt Double Diaphragm pump is the long established leader in the Australian market. With a variety of package options including Micromatic Couplings, the best selling variant includes the … Read more