MicroMatic PRO-BLEND Closed Mixing System

A common challenge faced by Agchemical, seed treatment and Fertilizer manufacturers, distributors, applicators and end-users alike is the settling out of solids in suspension during storage, particularly so with bulk containers and often to the point of products almost becoming unusable when left on the farm or warehouse floor for extended periods. To date the solutions have been very much less than user friendly, with mechanical agitation and stirring the most common solutions: the former being more than difficult with larger containers and the latter potentially time consuming, messy and hazardous.

Enter the new Micromatic PRO-BLEND, a “patent pending” closed mixing system designed to lock on to a container fitted with the Micromatic Drum Valve System and achieve complete “Dry Break” closed mixing via the in-situ valve and tube assembly, while virtually eliminating spills, stains and direct exposure to the fluid being mixed. Utilizing timed pulses of pressurized air to form large, flat air bubbles designed to create a vertical mixing and circulatory action, the PRO-BLEND quickly and completely mixes the contents of a bulk drum or IBC to deliver a thoroughly homogenous end product. Readily portable across multiple containers, the PRO-BLEND provides a cost effective means of ensuring SC’s, seed treatments and liquid fertilizers reach the end use in optimal condition and at the same time minimizing the likelihood of having to scrap product due to solids settling out and becoming unusable.

Greg St Armour, Business Unit Manager, Direct Enterprises, a systems supplier to the US Midwest Corn and Soybean belt comments:

“This was our first full year promoting and selling the system. Our customer response has been very positive, they are very pleased with the no exposure to the treatments, making it very clean and easy. The Pro-Blend system does a fantastic job of mixing the seed treatments, it clears from the bottom and the air pressure rolls the chemical up mixing the product completely in a few minutes. The air mixture allows our customers to completely mix the treatment products without foaming or changing the viscosity. I was so impressed from our customer comments that I am converting my large blend tanks to air mixers and to date they are working very well.”

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