Sotera Chemtraveller

Sotera Chemtraveller

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A high capacity, portable, self contained 12VDC farm chemical dispensing system utilising the proven Sotera Series 400 Diaphragm Pump, with Flowmeter options as below. The various models offered include all the necessary components for operation with today’s refillable, returnable containers and Envirodrums incorporating the Micromatic Drum Valve System

The Series 850* Sotera Electronic Flowmeter, supplied with the Chemtraveller Model R1435MA (as shown) , is uniquely designed to distinguish between bulk air and fluid and therefore more accurately dispense product. It features quick one step calibration, 20 calibration set points and a chemical calibration factor reference card. It is also available with the Series 825 meter, without air-sensing capability, Model R1435M

All our Chemtravellers feature the following Australian enhancements:

  • Explosion Proof 12 VDC Motor for added safety when pumping solvent based fluids
  • Hastelloy springs for increased corrosion protection
  • Higher spec hoses to suit our more aggressive chemicals

The featured R1435MA Chemtraveller package includes:

  • Corrosion resistant polypropylene pump with upgraded ‘Paraquat’ friendly wetted parts
  • Santoprene double diaphragms
  • The highest flow-rate in its class, with a maximum rate of 50 l/min, up to 28 l/min of Glyphosate or 35 l/min of Trifluralin (temperature & concentration dependent)
  • The ability to handle high viscosities (over 1000 cps) and particles up to 2.5mm
  • Incorporates a proven 1/4 HP, 12V DC explosion proof motor requiring just 16 amps under normal operating conditions, with Thermal Overload protection
  • Micromatic Stainless Steel Rinsing Socket and NEW Fully-Repairable FCC Coupler (depending on model)
  • 2.85 Metre reinforced suction hose and 4 Metre discharge hose
  • 6 Metre battery cable and clamps
  • Poly ball valve and anti-drip nozzle

Main Models:

R1435MA The complete package as above with Air Sensing flowmeter (#850) and Micromatic fittings
R1435M-825 As above but with no flowmeter
R1435M The complete package with standard electronic flowmeter (#825) and Micromatic fittings
R1435-825 The complete package as above but no meter or Micromatic fittings
R1435A The complete package as above with Air Sensing flowmeter (#850) but no Micromatic

Download Service Manual – Series 400 (Old Type)
Download Service Manual – Series 400B (New Type)