Emco Wheaton Tank Truck Equipment

Emco Wheaton Tank Truck Equipment

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API Adaptors and Accessories

The F5000 Series range of API Adapter is the road tanker’s connection valve for filling at the loading rack and for unloading by hose at the service station. EW API Adapters have been designed to incorporate maximum safety, high flow, low-pressure drop, easy maintenance and offer a long service life. The design of these valves is in accordance with the internationally recognised standard for bottom loading (API RP 1004, CEN/ADR) which makes them ideal for oil companies and transporters of petroleum products.

Drop Elbows

Drop Elbows are used during delivery operations at the gas station. They are connected between the underground tank fill point and to the tank delivery hose. EW Drop Elbows, with their lightweight aluminum body and aluminum handle, set the standards in terms of design features and build quality.

Emergency Valves

The Emergency Valve, also known as a Foot Valve, Bottom Valve, Belly Valve, Sump Valve or Internal Valve, is designed to contain the contents of a tanker should the run off pipes suffer impact damage in an accident. EW Emergency Valves offer ease of maintenance, simplicity of design and durability to make this valve the international standard for transporters of petroleum products requiring a tough and reliable valve.

Manhole Covers and Accessories

Emergency (fire engulfment) venting, tank breathing and flanges for ancillary equipment are included with all EW manhole covers. These features protect the tanker against rupture, division reversal and explosion when either natural or catastrophic internal pressures build up. Vacuum relief protects against tank implosion and compartment division reversal. The 10″ hinged, lockable hatch facilitates easy insertion of top loading pipes while the ancillary flanges save cost and time and aid tank integrity.

Pneumatic Controls

Pneumatic control systems comprise various air operated components. These components ensure signals are directed to the relevant compartment valves and also provide safety and secure interlocking designed to customers specific requirements.

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