Emco Wheaton Dry Breaks

Emco Wheaton Dry Breaks

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Emco Wheaton DRY-BREAKTM Couplers and Adapters are used anywhere spill-free fluid transfer is required.

  • Cannot be opened until connected to adapter or disconnected until lever is moved to closed position thus eliminating accidental spillage
  • Product loss on disconnect virtually eliminated
  • Aluminum version available with straight or 90˚ integrated ball-bearing swivel for kink-free hose connection
  • Easily serviced in the field using the Emco Wheaton Repair Kit Program
  • Interchangeable with all existing Emco Wheaton 1.5″ and 2″ inlet adapters
  • Enhanced poppet design allows for better flow characteristics in either direction
  • One-piece poppet means fewer components for service
  • Rear-entry design allows for easy field servicing

Available in a range of sizes (1″, 2″ and 3″) and materials

Download Product Information – 1 inch Dry Break

Download Product Information – 2 inch Dry Break

Download Product Information – 3 inch Dry Break


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