Mechanical Flow Meters

Mechanical Flow Meters

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SERIES R1800 & R1900

Fill-Rite meters provide precision and durability in a cost-effective design. Both Series measure fluids at temperatures up to 630C and pressures up to 340 kPa.

The Series R1800 meter’s exclusive unicast component mounting configuration assures consistency, particularly in gravity flow applications. The R1800 Series is accurate to within ± 1% at 19 to 76 LPM. The easily reset register indicates product use up to 999 litres. A master totalizer shows cumulative totals to 999,999 litres.

The Series R1900 meter operates at 23 to 151 LPM, with accuracy of ± 2%. The easily reset register indicates product use up to 9,999 litres. The master totalizer registers up to 9,999,999 litres.


  • Large, easy to read numbers
  • Quick reset knob
  • Flexible installation flow ports position vertically or horizontally


  • 20mm port (Series R1800); 25mm port (Series R1900)
  • Strainer for gravity-flow applications traps tank contaminants (Series R1800)
  • Teflon or nickel coatings increase selection of compatible fluids
R1806CL  25mm BSP with Strainer  19-76    LPM
R1807CL  25mm without Strainer  19-76   LPM
R1807CNL1  25mm BSP, Nickel Plated, no   Strainer  19-76   LPM
R1901L  25 mm BSP  23-151 LPM
R1901L1.5  40 mm BSP  23-151 LPM
R1901NL1.5  40mm BSP, Nickel Plated  23-151 LPM