Betts Stainless Steel Manhole

Betts Stainless Steel Manhole

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Stainless Steel “TIONA”, 20” Full Opening Manhole, Series 8355

Stainless construction with threaded hold-downs and 6” collar*

Tiona 20” Full Opening Manholes are fabricated for greater strength and less weight. Full 20 inch opening assures safe entrance for inspection or cleaning of the tank. Complies with AS2809 Drop Test.

Gasket Options & Suffix (Max Temp shown)

W   White Hypalon 120°C

B    Buna-N (Nitrile) 120°C

V    Viton 205°C

E    White Non-Asbestos with Teflon Suspensoid 260°C (woven)

Typical Part No: B8355LCV-6/455, which denotes: Gr 316 Stainless Steel Cover and 6” high Collar, Gr 304 Ancilliaries, Viton Gasket: Max WP 340 kPa (50 PSI) with 6 hold-downs: complies with AS2809 Drop Test.

Note: Installation and Monitoring

  • Check the condition of all gaskets and replace if their effectiveness as a seal is impaired in any way. Replacement gaskets must be compatible with products carried.
  •  During installation and welding the collar to the tank, care should be exercised to insure the collar remains flat and round in order to assure proper performance. If necessary a welding fixture should be used to prevent distortion

* 10” collar available to order.