Chemtraveller BATCH

Chemtraveller BATCH

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The original high capacity, portable, self contained 12VDC farm chemical dispensing system utilizing the proven Sotera Series 400 Diaphragm Pump and unique Air Sensing Flowmeter… now with BATCHING!

Using a new pulser ouput version of the 850 Sotera Air-sensing Electronic Flowmeter, BATCH still features the standard one step calibration, 20 calibration set points and a chemical calibration factor reference card. The linked, purpose designed programming unit then facilitates:

  • Simple UP/ DOWN buttons for  pre-setting of the required  dispense quantity.
  • Retains previous setting
  • LED visual indication of “drum empty”: retains bulk air-sensing function
  • “Flush system” switch
  • Incorporated within the standard “Chemtraveller” footprint

 The BATCH  package incorporates all the standard Chemtraveller features:

  • Highly corrosion resistant polypropylene pump with Hastelloy springs
  • Santoprene double diaphragms
  • The highest flow-rate in its class, with a maximum rate of 50 l/min, up to 28  l/min of Glyphosate or 35 l/min of Trifluralin (temperature & concentration dependent)
  • The ability to handle high viscosities (over 1000 cps) and particles up to 2.5mm
  • A proven 1/4 HP, 12V DC explosion proof motor for added safety with solvents, requiring just 16 amps under normal operating conditions, with thermal overload protection
  • BATCH comes with Micromatic Stainless Steel Coupler and Rinsing Socket, optional without
  • 2.85M high quality reinforced chemical resistant suction hose and 4 Metre discharge hose
  • 6 Metre battery cable and clamps: Poly ball valve with anti-drip nozzle

 Part Numbers

Complete BATCH Unit with Micromatic fittings         R1435MAB

 Complete BATCH Unit without Micromatic fittings   R1435AB