New Batching Chemtraveller

The original high capacity, portable, self contained 12VDC farm chemical dispensing system utilizing the proven Sotera Series 400 Diaphragm Pump and unique Air Sensing Flowmeter... now with batching!

Using a new pulser ouput version of the 850 Sotera Air-sensing Electronic Flowmeter, BATCH still features the standard one step calibration, 20   calibration set points and a chemical calibration factor reference card. The linked purpose designed programming unit then facilitates:

  • Simple UP/ DOWN buttons for  pre-setting of the required  dispense quantity.
  • Retains previous setting
  • LED visual indication of “drum empty”: retains bulk air-sensing function
  • “Flush system” switch
  • Incorporated within the standard “Chemtraveller” footprint

All the features of the original Chemtraveller that the market with BATCHING!